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Eastern Stars Ice Hockey Club, founded in 2000 in London, UK, is dedicated to the promotion and recreational enjoyment of ice hockey. We embrace players of all ages, genders, and nationalities, and foster a community where everyone can have fun, improve their game, play competitively, and share their experience with others.


Club Purpose and Objectives:

  1. Inclusive Recreation: Provide an inclusive environment where people of diverse backgrounds can enjoy playing ice hockey.

  2. Skill Development: Offer opportunities for individuals at all levels to learn and enhance their ice hockey skills.

  3. Experience Sharing: Provide an opportunity for former professionals to mentor and teach others, passing on the experience and fostering the sportsmanship spirit.

  4. Competitive Play: Support club teams of various skill levels, from absolute beginners to professionals, to compete with other recreational ice hockey teams.


Club Commitment: Eastern Stars commits to upholding the principles of sportsmanship, respect, and equality, ensuring that our club remains a welcoming community for all ice hockey enthusiasts.

Eastern Stars IHC was founded in 2000 by Igor ILJIN and Vadim VINNIKOV. The first game the team based on players from Eastern Europe played on 12th April, 2000 at Alexandra Palace Ice Rink against so called “The Team of The World”. Eastern Stars triumphed – 12:6.

The first season (2000-2001) Eastern Stars won most of the friendly games, including victories over London Devils (Belgo), Slough Tornados, Streatham Chiefs, Romford Rangers and Logica Leopards. We only lost 2 official games during its first season (both to Streatham Chiefs).

Eastern Stars debuted and reached semi-finals of the UK Recreational Ice Hockey Championships in Telford (July 7-8, 2001). In the most dramatic semi-final the team let Streatham Chiefs claim their victory on penalty shoot outs – 1:2. Danny De Vito (Eastern Stars) won “The Goalkeeper of the Tournament” prize. The Stars repeated the success the next year 2002 taking the Bronze Medals again.

Another unforgettable event for Eastern Stars was the exhibition game East (Eastern Stars) vs. West on 3rd March, 2003 at London Arena visited by the legendary Russian goalie Vladislav Tretiak (see picture above). Eastern Stars triumphed – 7:3. Summer 2003 Eastern Stars finished with the Slough Summer Cup winners title.

First time in the club history Eastern Stars become the UK Recreational Championship 2004 Silver medallists in Sheffield losing in the tough final to Slough Tornados 1:2.


Next year 2005 Eastern Stars become the UK Recreational Ice Hockey champions after winning Gold medals in a dramatical final with Solihull Vikings 2:1.

The Stars missed the following 3 championships and won another Silver medals in Sheffield 2009 tournament.

Eastern Stars demonstrated excellent hockey playing games against the British leagues teams: Haringey Greyhounds and Streatham Redskins. The Stars dominated in all matches.

The team plays distinctive European influence style ice hockey and have a true International character. Eastern Stars players come from Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, UK, Canada and USA.

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